SCUMScope 2015 - Damnationland

7 genre-defying stories from Maine's filmmakers

Damnationland 2014

Damnationland is an annual showcase of genre-defying scary films from Maine filmmakers that redefine the classic thriller and horror categories with dark, surreal, and comical twists. Whether a hardcore horror fan, an art-house connoisseur or a curious casual filmgoer, Damnationland has something for everyone.

2014 | 100min | United States | M18 (Consumer advice: Violence)

NOTE: All tickets sold are non-refundable.

1) Sui Generis
Directed by Jenny Anastasoff | starring Lisa Boucher Hartman

SYNOPSIS: A woman wakes up in a strange place with a husband and daughter that she does not recognize, and she must fight her way to the truth through the oppressive forces trying to convince her that she has lost her sanity.

2) Driver’s Seat
Directed by Jason M. Bosch | starring Beth Somerville and William McDonough III

SYNOPSIS: Spotting a car accident on the backcountry roads of Maine, a woman stops to help out, only to find a wounded man with a sinister past who teaches her that no good deed goes unpunished.

3) Dark
Directed by Ranin Brown for Brothers Brown | starring Erik Moody

SYNOPSIS: Night terrors abound in this unsettling thriller about a struggling man who must confront the demons that threaten to destroy his fragile inner peace.

4) On a Country Road
Directed by Barry Dodd | starring Kip Weeks, Sharon Smyth Lentz, and Christine Louise Marshall

SYNOPSIS: When a cab driver agrees to pick up a passenger out in rural Maine, a raging storm and radio reports of an escaped homicidal maniac turn a simple fare into a tense nightmare of fear, distrust, and the real threat of violence.

5) Tickle
Directed by Corey Norman | starring Casey Turner and Andrew Lyndaker

SYNOPSIS: In this ‘80s-styled babysitter thriller, a scared boy hears bumps in the night, and he must gather his courage to find out if there is someone—or something—in the house with them.

6) Anima Sola
Created by Tasty Dude Films | starring April Singley and Jordan Handren-Seavey

SYNOPSIS: A lonesome soul searches for a way to escape his mind hell in this emotional labyrinth of a film that pierces the heart with its brutal portrayal of loss.

7) A Collection of Psychopaths

Directed by Through the Door Productions | starring Derek R. Brigham, Ranin Brown, Tadin Brown, Everett Bunker, Uke Doiron, Anna Gravél, and Jody McColman

SYNOPSIS: Playing between the other Damnationland films, these suite of seven short-short films offer twisted glimpses into the lives of some memorably demented characters.

  • "Damnationland 2014" is rated M18. Only people aged 18 years or above on the day of screening are allowed into the theatre. Please have your ID ready for checks -- you will not be allowed entry if you fail to produce a valid ID upon request.
  • This is a special ticketed event. Unlike other SCUM Cinema events, there will be no refunds for this film. Upon payment, simply turn up for the event and register with us.
  • You are allowed to purchase a maximum of 4 tickets per transaction. Seats are issued on a first-come, first-served basis (free seating arrangement).
  • "Damnationland 2014" will start screening at 8PM on 29 October 2015. Please be at The Projector by 715PM to register and collect your wrist tags.
  • Ticket sales will close on 29 October at 10am.

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